Tirana, the capital, and heart of Albania have a never-ending movement and energy.

2 hours tour Day or Evening


  • Professional guide; English, Italian

  • Assistance and information according to the program description

  • Price; p/p 30 euro

Available: Till 12 of August

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 This metropolis city is worth to discover by day and night. Tirana is now a developed city which combines culture, history, contemporary architecture and lots of hospitality shown towards tourists.
 As you take a walk in Tirana you will enjoy the look of the colorful buildings, where the past, the present and the future walking side by side.
Begin with a visit to Skanderbeg Square in the city center, where you’ll see the statue of Skanderbeg, Albania’s national hero, next is Et’hem Beu Mosque,adorned by afrescos with trees, waterfalls, and bridges that are rare representations in Islamic art. The Culture Palais  is located in front of the Mosque, and nearby is the National Historic Museum

You’ll enjoy a tour of the National Historic Museum, visiting its many pavilions: Antiquity, Medieval, Iconography, Culture of Albania, Albanian Resistance of World War II, and Communist Genocide. The Museum will provide a good introduction to Albanian history. (during the Day) To continue then at Orthodox cathedral and famous neighborhood of Blloku

To Finish this tour we will visit the New Pazar and amazing colorful area with traditional designs and fancy caffes

 Time to discover… Join Us. Let’s Make Memories

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Albania“Albania has everything , from intimidating mountains in the North  such as Valbona Valley, Theth and Vermosh too stunning beaches in the South, around, Vlore, Dhermi, Himare and Sarande,  unintentional hipster vibes and fascinating history, delicious bio food and great coffee bars, at last but not least Albanians are known for their hospitality” Albania has natural Read more

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