Would you like to experience Tirana and surroundings in a different way, then join us in an unusual tour in Tirana’s history, nightlife, gastronomy  through past the present and the future…


Duration; 2-3 days

Participants; 6- 25 people

Included; Accommodation, transport, guide in English, breakfast, dinner

Day 1. Pick up at the airport, a short tour in Tirana before going to the hotel, check in… Tirana is a large city with over 800.000 inhabitants, and since it is the capital of Albania, it offers many opportunities related to all kinds of tourism. The possibilities to visit historical and cultural centers are numerous here. Among them we include: The monument of the national hero Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg, a number of historic buildings such as the Mosque of Et’hem Bej,  the Clock Tower , New Pazar The famous neighborhood of Bllock

after lunch we will visit the nuclear bunker of the Dictator and National Park of Dajti, dinner there

Day 2: A visit in one of most historically important cities in Albania, Kruje!

Kruja, one of the most significant tourist attractions in Albania. It is a very ancient town which dates back three centuries before Christ. Not only is it characterized for its geography, impressive castle, but also for its traditions transmitted from one generation to the other.

we will spent the day there visiting the 400 year pazar and the fortress. To continue our journey in Durres for lunch and city-sighting. Back in Tirana for dinner.


Day 3; A complete tour of the city of Tirana, visiting Bunker Art 2, orthodox Catherdral, National Museum, optional the black Cave of Pellumbas.




Drop in the airport.

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Albania“Albania has everything , from intimidating mountains in the North  such as Valbona Valley, Theth and Vermosh too stunning beaches in the South, around, Vlore, Dhermi, Himare and Sarande,  unintentional hipster vibes and fascinating history, delicious bio food and great coffee bars, at last but not least Albanians are known for their hospitality” Albania has natural Read more

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